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What we do

We do close range aerial cinematography with remote controlled multi-rotor platforms. By utilizing the latest technology in the industry to maximize performance, stability and reliability, we make it possible to create shots one could only previously dream about, especially when working within a limited budget.


What cameras we use

    • Arri Alexa Mini is our choise for critical work.
    • DJI X7 fantastic results budget friendly.
    • Sony A7Riii camera for still images.
    • Upon request other cameras can be used too

Who we are

We are commercial photography and film professionals with over 15 years experience shooting with our cameras on the ground; now we have taken them to the skies. We have been building and flying remote controlled aircraft since the early 90’s and this has allowed us to be early adopters of the technological advances in this field.


What we can do with our systems

With our platforms, your productions will have access to literally another level of visualization, giving you the ability to create amazing footage at a professional and affordable level. Let us know what your needs are. We will be happy to discuss all your technical and safety issues at the pre-production stage, allowing you to maximize your creative vision on the day.

Please watch our reel and don’t hesitate to ask for further details about our services.